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Creators Claim Nate Took Promised Earnings, Rewards


A number of shopping influencers claim that popular shopping app Nate, who promised rewards for creators in exchange for both using and promoting their app, saw their remaining cash balances in the app drained without warning.

According to the Verge, creator Libby Rasmussen had over $500 left on her account on the Nate app going into December 2022 until those credits abruptly disappeared from her account earlier in the month and says that users such as herself couldn’t cash out their balance, but could only spend their “Nate Cash” on anything on their lists, and reached out to the company.

Per her account, the company said that they were aware that user wallets were having issues, and a Nate representative would reach out as soon as it was fixed, before completely changing their tone later that week.

According to the Business Insider, the company was “going through some unpredictable and turbulent times,” read an email to influencers, and as a result, Nate was halting some operations, including the creator program.

“We seriously cannot thank you enough for your partnership in this journey and your excitement in curating and sharing the products you love with the world,” the company said in the email, obtained by The Verge. “You’ve been incredible in inspiring people around you.”

Now, other influencers are claiming similar issues with Nate, as of December 19th, 2022.

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