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TRAVEL: Plane Attire doesn’t have to be Plain attire.

Nothing says ‘comfort’ like sitting in a very small chair, on a plane, between two strangers for 14 hours, right? Wrong. If you’re anything like me, you have struggled in the past with what to wear on a plane. You want to be comfortable, but you don’t want to give up your style to do so. Personally, I try to find the happy medium between wearing sweatpants and 6-inch heels. Here are some suggestions;

Pants – Jeans are not my favorite garment on a good day. So for a plane ride or any long road trip, I usually opt for a pair of yoga or running pants. They are uber comfortable and fairly easy to dress up. If yoga pants aren’t your thing, try a pair of jeggings. They still have the flexibility of yoga pants, but they are a little thicker, and have a denim appearance.


Lululemon 82$                                American Eagle 48$

Top – Planes are often too warm or too cool to be completely comfortable. I always dress is layers for that reason. I will throw a cardigan or button-up shirt over top of a cute tank or tee. I prefer things I can button over pull-over hoodies or sweaters because you are able to avoid any run-ins with staticy hair and accidentally hitting your seat neighbour while putting it on or taking it off.


Old Navy 25$                                 PINK by Victoria’s Secret 22$

Shoes – I just can’t wrap my head around wearing big, strappy heels to an airport. Unless you are headed straight to a business meeting, but even then, throw those in your carry-on. I choose a pair of shoes that I am comfortable walking in (or running between terminals, hey it happens), that are also easy to take off and put on when going through security. My preferences are Toms or Sperry Top-Siders.


Toms 65$                                                          Sperry Top-Sider 80$

Accessories – I always avoid wearing jewelry for a flight, because I’m not a fan having to take it off and put it back on. I just stick with a watch and a scarf. I always wear a watch. It’s helpful if you can’t use your electronic devices that you usually rely on for time. I also love wearing scarves. They are super cute and versatile. You can use it for a pillow, blanket, eye-cover, or you know a scarf.


Swatch                                               Forever 21 10.80$


These are a few of my favorite things to wear when travelling. What are yours?

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