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TRAVEL: Deciding Whose Bed to Hop Into

When you’re planning a trip you’re faced with an overwhelming number of decisions. Where to go? What to see? Who to invite? Hotel? Hostel? Renting an apartment?  With so many options for accommodations these days, your list of options never seems to end.

Not to worry! I’m here to help you figure out what makes the most sense for your budget and your trip.

Up first, hostels.

If you’re on a tight budget, it really doesn’t get much cheaper than this. You can usually find a cheap hostel from as little as $15 per night, depending on your destination. They generally target younger, international travelers. Sure, you’ll be sharing a room with at least 3 other people, but chances are they’re as excited to explore the city as you are. Plus some of them even have bars and common areas for socializing. They’re a great place to make new friends and rest your head.

Pros: cheap, youthful crowd, movie nights, common rooms

Cons: curfews, crowded rooms, lack of privacy, shared bathrooms

This is a great option for: Younger travelers who want to be young, wild and free. It’s also an experience you should try at least once. YOLO, right?

This is a bad option for: Travelers who are weary of sharing their space, require a full 8 hours of sleep, or don’t like public restrooms.


Next up to bat we have the traveling norm, hotels.

Hotels have been a travel standard for as long as anyone can remember.  They’re generally a safe bet and tend to be in the middle of any attractions you would want to see. They won’t give you the most space for your buck, but they’ll give you a quiet, private space to rest your head each night. Plus let’s be honest, who doesn’t love coming back to having their bed?

Pros: privacy, toiletries, prime location, concierge services, room service

Cons: expensive, generally in touristy areas, small spaces, additional guest fees, resort fees

This is a great option for:  Anyone who is traveling on business, will be having a late night out or wants to play it safe.

This is a bad option for: People who want to find local hangouts, avoid overspending on tourist traps, and big groups since they would require need rooms.


Last, but certainly not least, we have home rentals.

With sites like Airbnb on the rise, you have even more places to choose from when you’re on an adventure. The sharing economy allows people like you and me to rent out their spare bedroom or entire home to travelers on the go. It’s the ultimate way to stretch your dollar, while gaining local insight into the city. You’ll likely be just outside of the tourist traps amongst the locals.

Pros: great value, local insight, bigger space, unique listings all over the world

Cons: availability varies by each host, not ideal for wild weekends

This is a great option for:  Those people who want to get a unique experience, make a new friend in the city, and groups would opt for a villa instead of booking 5 hotel rooms.

This is a bad option for: Late nights and weekends full of partying, since you will need to be mindful of the neighbors and respect someone’s home.


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